Logistics and Transportation

Logistics Gens is a logistics and transportation company with extensive experience in the logistics sector. We transport all kinds of goods to anywhere in Spain or Portugal, and stand out by our flagship product of Urgent Service.


All kinds of national and international tours


We guarantee delivery within the agreed time


Your merchandise in 24 Hours


We have the means to transport all kinds of goods

Logistica Gens – Logistics and Transportation

Logística Gens is a logistics and transportation company that has a long experience in the logistics sector.

We serve our customers a modern fleet, extensive and quality facilities, and a highly qualified staff in each department (traffic and logistics, billing and accounting or maintenance and mechanics), making us the best partner for your business .

Express shipping company:

Experts in land transport yand logistics sector.We have a distribution network covering both domestic and mainland, reaching from Madrid to anywhere in Spain in less than 24 hours via our Express Service.

Quality commitment:

Always bet on the speed and quality, and this is rewarded every day with customers fidelity, that find in our services a safe and affordable response to their transportation and logistics needs.

Constant monitoring of your merchandise:

All our vehicles are subject 24h to GPS device through which both traffic and the logistics staff are in constant vigilance in order to provide any type of incident and to report at all times of the situation to our customers.

Our goal:

Our goals are yours.. We adapt to the requirements of each of our customers, always looking for solutions that best meet their transportation and logistics needs.


Logística Gens is one of the leading companies for logistics and transport in Spain.We offer a personalized, fast, affordable, quality service, which covers the collection, storage, transport and distribution of all kinds of goods.
In addition to having a modern fleet quality facilities and the best professionals´ team, Logística Gens also maintains with its customers a constant innovation and modernization, commitment in both our logistics services, and the acquisition of new additions to our fleet, like our gondola service 24 hours which may carry from rigid trucks or tractors to buses.