Logística Gens has ADR (Dangerous Goods) shuttle service. At a glance, there are plenty of safe products, as they can be electronic equipment, batteries … that are considered dangerous goods, and need to be transported, duly declared, labeled and packaged.
We define dangerous goods as those “substances or products during its manufacture, handling, transport, storage or use would generate or release vapors, fumes, dusts, gases or fibers that may produce infectious, flammable, explosive, corrosive, asphyxiating, irritant, toxic effects or otherwise hazardous nature, as well as those that can generate ionizing radiation in quantities or concentrations dangerous to human health or may cause damage to facilities or to the environment “.
mercancias peligrosas In the carriage of dangerous goods a risk to human health and the environment is generated, which is why we must ensure maximum safety for both the load itself, the means of transport, and especially for people who may come into contact with them.
Logística Gens have the ADR certificate for the international carriage of dangerous goods by road, which proves that our vehicles meet all the conditions required by the European Agreement concerning this type of transport.We comply with all required documentation, describing the merchandise we carry and quantity, and certifying their status, preparation and packaging are adequate to fulfill the ADR..We have facilities and an adequate fleet for this purpose, and a professional team with extensive experience in coordinating and transporting dangerous goods, plus a security adviser of dangerous goods, which is a professional expert in the field of transport ADR and is devoted exclusively to this activity.
We guarantee maximum safety in the transport of dangerous goods, and we promise that your shipments meet all the requirements and comply with regulations.


We have the necessary certificates


We have highly qualified and experienced staff


We have all the necessary updated and new generation means.