Express transport is our flagship product.Logística Gens is committed to deliver your goods within a maximum of 24 hours from Madrid to anywhere in Spain.
If your merchandise need urgent transport, either by Transporte de mercancías en España y Portugalgender characteristics, or customer needs, entrust your load and forget. We guarantee the goods delivery within 24 hours and in perfect condition.
It is an express transportation service for all types of merchandise and from a single pallet. Groupages, perishable products, full loads, half loads, even dangerous goods ADR.
After years of experience working with large companies, we know that certain items require urgent delivery, and deliver it in the shortest time possible is as important as the product itself.That is why we made the charge at any time of day or night and we left as soon as the merchandise is loaded.


Goods delivery in 24 hours


We transport at any time of day or night.


Delivery anywhere in Spain