camion isotermico Who is not done every morning juice Valencia oranges, pineapple added to your salad or savor a sweet strawberry Huelva?
We live in a fully globalized world and have a large garden that although distributed throughout the world, offers its products at the nearest supermarket.
So we live and these are our consumption needs. Available at all times demand of foreign food even out of season for our daily consumption. However, there is a major logistical network to save daily long distances that separate these foods from our tables. And here we come.
Each day, the transport of perishable products becomes more important, because not only we demand that food reaches our fridges, but also demand that arrive in perfect condition.
transporte de productos secosWhat is considered perishable goods?Is one that requires a temperature control during transport. And for that, Logistics Gens, has a long history in the transport of perishable, and highly qualified staff and a fleet fully prepared to transport perishable goods.
We havebi-temperature refrigerators, , which, thanks to special separators, allow us to transport perishable goods at different temperatures within a refrigerated truck.
As for the dry cargo, we have a fleet of trucks and vans that carry dry cargo your goods to anywhere in Spain or Europe within the agreed time and in perfect condition.


Appropriate vehicles for the transport of perishable goods.


Vehicles subject to strict controls


We fulfill all the requirements of ATP