servicio de almacenaje de mercancia


Logística Gens has a spacious facilities prepared for merchandise storage.

We handle the receipt, verification and storage of merchandise as well as its custody and care.We know well the merchandise storage companies needs, because they do not always have the necessary space, thus losing the benefits and discounts for making large orders.

almacenamiento de mercancía

Logística Gens take care of your merchandise until you need it.

We will inform you at all times about the stock available, tickets and deliveries, and we will provide all the information about the warehouse management, to allow you to make the right decisions for your business and to know the real value of your merchandise through our inventory programs and warehouse management. And we always give you the original documentation arising from the transport and the storage of your merchandise.

Would you also need us to take care of your merchandise transport?

In Logística Gens we are experts in logistics and merchandise transport. We carry full loads, average loads, groupage, pallets… We will get your goods from our warehouse to your customers with the maximum reliability.

Extensive facilities

Great space to store goods

We store and safeguard your goods

Goods in constant vigilance

Palletize your goods

We take care of your goods palletizing


We deliver all original documents


All information about your goods

Transport to destination

We transport your goods back to your company or to your customers