logistica y transporte porugal

Logística Gens is an road transport agency.We create tailored logistics solutions for any type of company and merchandise, including dangerous goods (ADR), vehicles transport (gondola carries rigid trucks, tractors and buses), food transporting, perishables, dry cargo, refrigerated products … We manage all necessary steps in order to   your merchandise shipment, so you can dedicate to other areas of your business.We provide logistics and transportation services   with maximum security and quality.Logística Gens will adapt to your needs and will always offer solutions with the best price.We have isothermal and temperature controlled trucks that keep food at room temperature, chilled and frozen. Our separators allow us to transport loads at different temperatures. We are fully committed to our customers, taking care of your merchandise and meeting agreed deadlines. For this,   we have highly qualified staff in all departments, and maintain our vehicles and facilities in constant modernization, always investing in the latest technologies.This is resulting in continuous innovation in both internal processes and the relationship with our customers and suppliers.We have large facilities prepared to offer goods storage service, which also includes inventory management service, packaging, custody of goods, transportation, original documents and constant information of the goods status. .We carry out   transport and logistics with the utmost seriousness and reliability by identifying and applying the best solutions for each situation and each company, because for Logística Gens each client is unique.

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